4 Billion YouTube Views Per Day

YouTube as the site of the most visited and accessible to Internet users. This social networking site based video made ​​by Google, YouTube, nowmanaged to get 4 billionvideo views perday. This figure showsan increase of 25 percent over the last eight months. May 2010 reached twobillion YouTube views a day. And recent data released on YouTubein May 2011 when the company was celebrating the sixthbirthday, then, getthree mylar YouTubeviews per dayand up 50 percent over the last 12 months.

4 Billion YouTube Views

With this improvement, social media hasbecome a new mediumfor them to enjoy videos, movies, andother visual information. Not merely consume, but they alsocan create anddisseminate information in real time. YouTube canbe used as a marketingtool that brings the concept of New Wave Marketing, the low budget high impact. From figure 4 billioninto insight thatsocial media-based marketing in thisvideo is very effective.

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