7 Ways to Lose Blog Bounce Rate Up to 50%

7 Ways to Lose Blog Bounce Rate Up to 50%
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Alam-maya.com – Bounce rate (bounce rate) is the percentage of single-page visits. The higher the percentage (more than 80%), the lower the quality and appeal of the content of a blog. Here are 7 Ways to Lose Blog Bounce Rate Up to 50%

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  1. Create an interesting title of the article
    The title is the spearhead of your post. The more attention, the greater will be clicked by a visitor
  2. Create a post structure that is not boring
    What if you read the posting 3,000 words, each consisting of 10 sentence paragraphs, no subtitle, and full of crossed out words? I am sure you will be bored reading it. So, you must make the posts you are not boring. Example:

    • Create a short paragraph (3-5 sentences generally)
    • Create a clear subtitle (eg H3 format or bold)
    • Give bullet or number in the caption points
    • Eliminate the words full of doodles (strikethrough) and a variety of colors
    • Avoid the font size is too small (eg less than 12px)
  3. Create a blog navigation as clear as possible
    Visitors have to find your blog with easy navigation and fast. Therefore, you should make the navigation as clear as possible. Here’s how:

    • View important information on the navigation below the header as Home, Contact, and About.
    • Create a link as clear as possible so that visitors to easily distinguish it (you can use different colors to the color of the article text, underline, or hover).
  4. Present an interesting picture
    Another way to lure visitors reading is to display images. In addition, the images also make the reader is not bored, not tired (especially if postingannya length), and more descriptive (if its news type tutorial).
  5. Show related posts
    Displaying related posts is to help visitors. Why? This is because visitors will click on the link related to post topics dibacanya.Ada two ways to display related posts plugin that is by encoding and
  6. Create your blog loading quickly as possible
    Loading time of your blog is one important factor usability (usability) of your blog. Research online some time ago showed that most internet users will not wait for your blog or website loading time of 4 seconds or more. If you want visitors to feel at home after a long time in your blog, you should make your blog loading quickly as possible
  7. Display ads are not excessive
    Too many ads will make visitors leave your blog. Why? First, many ads are not relevant to the content of the blog so that visitors will be annoyed. Second, some CPM ads using the iframe code and java scripts so onerous loading blog. As a result, visitors will be frustrating to open your blog, then quickly leave.