Android 4.2 hitting AOSP, ROM Developers Start Sour Engines!

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Great news for power users of Android smart devices flashed recently that states that source code of Jelly Bean is being updated on servers. As stated by Jean-Baptiste Queru, Android Open Source Project Android 4.2 source code is now available on the websites so that developers can make most out of it. It is a milestone for those who like to experiment with their smart phone and unlock their features. Now the developers can enjoy cracking of Jelly Bean Android 4.2. It is a day of power users who have passion of scrambling with the code of software.

Android 4.2 hitting AOSP

Those who have developed custom ROMs will now get opportunity to develop a more stable version of that. Now the wait is over for self designated users to go out and enjoy developing the apps for the latest version of software. Ticker lovers have got blessing in the form of source code being made available by android. Also the owners of unlocked Android smart phones will have a facility to install apps of version 4.2 without any need of installing newer version of operating system. Although actual release has not happened yet but the announcement has aroused excitement among the developers to a large extent.