How to Get 1 Million Visitor

How to Get 1 Million Visitor
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I will share tips How to Get 1 Million Visitor of the blog post title. This is evident in my blog page views increased dramatically. If your blog does not have traffic then you will become lazy. Is the title post to increase traffic? Yes, if the title and content of your article interesting. I have a theory that the title is the entrance of visitors to my blog. So, How to Get 1 Million Visitor to make an interesting post title. Check this out guys:1 million visitor

  1. Use powerful words
    Killer, Top, Thrilling, Amazing, Stunning, Radical, Stellar, Secrets, Free, skyrocket, ultimate, Wonderful, etc..
    Tips to get new subscribers (not cool)
    Amazing Tips to get new subscribers (Amazing)
  2. Give the “Ask Question” on the post title
    Make your post title is provokativ. Play tuh reader’s emotions. Example:
    Would you like to quit your job and make money online?
  3. Be commanding
    means the make your reader to do something. Ex: How To …, Get …
    example: How to Get a Mortgage That Saves You Money in 3 Days
  4. Add to List Numbers
    If the content contains blog tips or a list, it helps to put numbers on the title.
    Reasons to Use List Post (not cool)
    10 Killer Reasons to Use List Post (Amazing)
  5. Use the word “I” in the post title or create personal stories
    Tips Improve Your Memory
    How I Improved My Memory in One Evening
  6. Creative word play. Look for synonyms that powerful
    * Appealing – attractive, alluring, fascinating
    * Best – excellent, Unsurpassed, paramount
    * Cool – trendy, fashionable, hip
    * Different – unusual, exclusive, special
    * Easy – effortless, trouble-free, user-friendly
    * Fabulous – tremendous, magnificent, remarkable
    * Handy – functional, ideal, well-suited
    * Improved – enhanced, superior, refined
    * Leading – first-rate, top-notch, supreme
    * Mouthwatering – tasty, savory, Succulent
    * New – innovative, fresh, inventive
    * Powerful – Forceful, persuasive, compelling
    * Reliable – dependable, steadfast, trustworthy
    * Safe – secure, fully guarded, guaranteed
    * Unique – distinctive, rare, Matchless
    * Vivid – vibrant, brilliant, stunning
    * Wonderful – magnificent, amazing, Astonishing
    * Beneficial – Good For
    * Demise – Death
    * Gratification – Enjoyment
    * Immediately – Right Now
    * Fortunate – Lucky
    * Learn – Find Out
    * Superior – Better
    * Intelligent – Bright
    * Observed – Seen
    * Sufficient – Enough