Intraocular Lens, the Solution of Cataract

Intraocular Lens, the Solution of Cataract
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Eye lens is a layer which has protecting and focusing lights when it enters your eyes. But as you age, this lens will get clouded and it will make your vision gets blurry. If it is not treated, the cloudy lens will be even worsened and it can result in blindness which usually called cataract. There are many people who get cataract illness in this world. A simple surgery actually can solve this problem by removing the clouded eye lens. But to replace its function, intraocular lens should be placed in the eyes to focus the light that enters your eyes.

Intraocular Lens

Cataract is mostly caused by aging. This illness is rarely found in young people and adult. Just consider that when your eye lens gets tired enough in serving its purpose for many years since you were born, it will start to get clouded and losing its function. When you have this eye problem, the best way to treat it is by having eyes surgery that will take the cloudy lens and replaced it with intraocular lens. This lens is made to replace the function of your eye lens to focus the light that enters your eyes so that it can create a perfect image in your retina. The kind of lens that is usually used is pseudohakic LOL lens. This lens is made with a flexible material that can suit your eyes without causing further complication in your vision or eyes.

The implant of intraocular lens is a very safe procedure to treat cataract, although if you not being careful infection can happen that will make your problem even worse than before. After getting a cataract surgery, you should take a rest for some weeks to make your eyes adjust to its new eye lens. You must not do activities which caused your blood pressure to rise. The rise in blood pressure can also affect your eyes and this will not do any good for the surgery wound. You must also be careful to keep living in a healthy environment which have a little dust and pollution because it can cause infection in your eyes. But overall, this is still a better procedure to do compare to the laser surgery.

If you are treated with this procedure, you will probably not have to wear glasses anymore as this lens will focus the light that enters your eyes just like what your glasses do. But sometimes, in some cases your vision will not returned completely the way it has before and you still have to wear glasses. However, the procedure that involved the use of intraocular lens is still debated by many experts. They say that in their studies, they found that the use of this lens in long term can cause some complication such as, hemorrhaging, dislocation, and even the return of partial blind that will disappoint you. But after all, this is still a recommended procedure that you should consult with your oculist if you want to get your vision back.